Weekly Windfalls Review 2020

Weekly Windfalls Review
Weekly Windfalls Review
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Review Summary

Weekly Winfalls is a great addition to the penny stock trading service Jason Bond Picks. The main intent is to write weekly options to receive premium at expiration.

Managing one’s income can be quite a challenge. If you’ve got a family to support, a college fund for your kids, or a retirement plan, it can seem daunting to find those extra dollars to deposit into your savings account. You might even wonder if working eight hours provides you with enough money to maintain a comfortable life.

The average salary may provide you enough money for your day-to-day expenses, but what if you want more? Nowadays, everyone seems to have a side hustle where they earn half or nearly the same as their regular job. If you haven’t got the time to commit to another gig then maybe you should think about trading stocks in order to gain that extra income.

It’s okay if you don’t know anything about the stock market, there are people who do know and are willing to share their knowledge with you. A quick browse through the internet will provide thousands of results of investors who are more than willing to help you invest your money. The question is, who can you trust the most?

Weekly Windfalls is definitely at the top of our list. They’ve developed a trading program that provides you with all the information you’ll need to start trading your money on your own. Founded by a former school teacher turned trading strategist, Weekly Windfalls is a sure bet.

Who Is Behind Weekly Windfalls?

Jason Bond has been recognized and praised for creating this online program. He studied everything there is to know about stocks and trading then developed this strategy program to assist novices, as well as professionals. Jason Bond is one of the few who are teaching you the secrets of trading stocks on Wall Street.

The program is user-friendly and easily understandable. It’s okay if you don’t have any knowledge of the stock market because Jason has created a platform that enables people to jump in the game and gain a basic understanding right from the get-go.

The idea is to sell options to the best companies in the market while other traders buy these options from you. The odds are automatically tilted in your favor so you have the advantage of increasing your earnings.

How does it work?

The most important thing is to know what options are. Weekly Windfalls is a platform for trading with options, which are basically contracts. Trading with options means that person A is selling person B the right to purchase an asset. However, person B is not obliged to make the purchase.

In the best case scenario, the commitment that somebody is selling could increase its value after a certain amount of time. When approaching the deadline, one could cash out with much more money than initially invested. This might sound a little bit complicated at first, but don’t worry. Weekly Windfalls is a user-friendly platform that makes trading with options very easy. 

On the platform you can find big multinational businesses with huge revenue, such as Netflix or Amazon. This means that trading with these companies allows you to earn a lot of money too. With Weekly Windfalls you have direct access to trading with these big players. 

To start trading with this program is easy. The user-friendly program gives you the chance to start with a free tutorial where you can learn how the platform works. Afterwards, you sign up for the paid version in which Jason explains, in different lessons and seminars, all the do’s and don’ts about trading and everything you need to know to get started in Weekly Windfalls.

By trading smart and following the rules, your return on an investment can be up to 100%. In the beginning you’ll win around 30% at least. Sounds like a great start, right?

Jason, who guides you through the tutorial, made a lot of money through trading himself. In the first few months of last year he made over $350,000. You could imagine that today he’s already sitting on millions. But Jason isn’t the only successful trader. Many other people are making more money thanks to his tutorials on the platform. If you want to learn how to increase your income with online trading at low costs and effort, then this program is just for you. No one is better than Jason Bond when it comes to trading.

One of the most positive things about trading on Weekly Windfalls is that you can earn money very fast without a long wait period. It comes immediately. If you want to earn $40,000 like Jason, in only a few weeks, you can do it.

Who Is This For?

Weekly Windfalls is the perfect platform for people like you and me: people who want more in life and just need the right tool to achieve that goal. All it takes is 15 minutes to be able to earn good money in a short time. As the platform cashes out at every end of the week, you could really enjoy your weekend to the fullest, using your new financial cushion.

Maybe you finally want to buy yourself a new bed or show your partner your appreciation with a two week vacation in Hawaii. Take the chance with Weekly Windfalls to make these wishes come true!

How Much Can You Earn?

In the beginning, we earned $2,150, which is nice but not nice enough for people like us. Practice makes perfect and thanks to Jason, after only a few weeks we were able to make thousands of dollars every week. Thanks to Jason Bond, our income grew exponentially, as did our happiness.

You might be asking yourself, “How much can I actually make?” The only answer I can give you is, the sky is the limit. Whether it’s the amount we made at the beginning, or the amount that Jason makes. Here’s a promise that Jason gives in his tutorial: You can earn up to $10,000 in one week. The longer you use the program, the more you will learn and the more you will earn.

With the earnings we made with Weekly Windfalls we finally reached our aim to live the lifestyle of our dreams. All we had to do was listen and learn from Jason.

How Many People Use Weekly Windfalls?

Almost 2 million members have been using Weekly Windfalls in the short period after Jason started his program. This means that 2 million people were able to improve their lifestyle and earn significantly more money. You’re lucky, because you can get the chance to join a free training course, but only for a limited amount of time. Check out the website to sign up!

We highly recommend this training and that you take advantage of the free course while spots are still available. Do it now, before this great offer ends.

Final Thoughts

We are very satisfied with our experience with Weekly Windfalls. It can be quite challenging to earn some extra money, but a platform like Weekly Windfalls will help you to earn money faster and easier. One advantage of the platform is you don’t necessarily need prior knowledge to be able to trade with options. It’s made for people without a business background and for anyone who just wants to earn more money. So, don’t be afraid of difficult terminology, trading with options on Weekly Windfalls is easy.

All you need is a few minutes and soon you’ll be able to earn much more money and eliminate your financial burdens.

What’s the next step? All you need to do is to take a chance and sign up for the free tutorial. Remember, it’s free for a short time only. Now you can learn all you need to know about trading with options and finally get started. The best moment to act is now! Take a chance and join the free course!

Remember: you are only a few minutes away from changing your financial lifestyle and earning extra money fast and easy!


  • As the Weekly Windfalls review reveals, writing options can provide a decent income
  • Weekly options traded on big companies like Tesla, Amazon and Bidu
  • Copytrading possible


  • High risk if you do not know how to setup this type of option trades
Updated: February 28, 2020

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