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Warrior Trading Review
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Review Summary

Warrior Trading is the #1 day trading education service. Ross Cameron does a great job teaching and trading in real time every day. His team and support staff are of great help when it comes to questions and help needed. The pricing is not at the lower end of trading education services, but the combination of education, similated trading, and real-time trading screen sharein is phantastic.

No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran in the world of trading, you should know by now that there are many day trade chat rooms on the market. All of them tell you exactly what to look forward to – and what to look out for – on the market. As much as we might want everything to be nice and honest, there are some circumstances that might leave us out of our money. This is why it is recommended that you stay informed as much as possible. Luckily for you, Warrior Trading is one of the very few services that can add a whole lot to your portfolio.

In such a short time, the company has become one of the Internet’s largest trading communities. It gave them access to all the information that they needed to be successful in the stock market. That being said, with all this attention suddenly being directed towards there, there are still many people that are skeptical and expect a Warrior Trading scam. Is this website trustworthy and legit? Can you be successful in your trade if you follow their services? Well, we hope that this Warrior Trading review can help you out in that regard.

What Is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading is an education service for the stock market – one that gives potential traders access to information they might use in their trade. The platform provides anything from trading strategies to swing trading and technical analysis. For traders that do not really have quite a significant experience in handling the trading market, this platform can actually be quite convenient. In addition, Warrior Trading teaches the potential trader when to enter a trade, when to let go of it, as well as what they are required to do in order to gain profit from the market. When you are not exactly certain about which path you should pursue in your trading adventure, this service offers plenty of information that the day trader could use.

The Brains Behind Warrior Trading

First things first, the brain of Warrior Trading is named Ross Cameron – the founder and leader of Warrior Trading. He is the one handling the educational material and is also quite active and helpful in the chat room along with his team. As per his claims, his entrance into the stock market was rather jumpy, and he ended up losing quite a lot of money – which is why he decided to share his experience and help others with his service and blog.

Aside from Ross Cameron, there is also a team that helps moderate Warrior Trading, offering trading education to anyone looking for help. Jeff and Mike are two of these moderators – Jeff being full-time swing and day trader, whereas Mike is concerned mostly with day trading. Plus, Jeff offers swing trading education to those that are in the Inner Circle, as well as in the Warrior Pro courses. Mike’s usual trades stock prices are as low as $20. Aside from Ross Cameron, Jeff and Mike, there are plenty of other moderators there as well – all with different backgrounds, but nonetheless, very skilled.

Services and Programs of Warrior Trading

As a trader, you need to learn as much of the trading world as possible. Once you are confident enough that you wish to enter this world of profit, you may choose one of the following services from Warrior Trading and turn yourself into a better trader:

1. Warrior Starter

The Warrior Starter Program is something that was made for beginners and is also a systematic opportunity that teaches you how to trade by following your own pace. It also provides the foundations for successful trading, as the team that put it together includes mostly professionals. This package will cost $197 per month. Topics included in the Warrior Starter are plenty. You will get access to the introduction on the financial markets, trading psychology, technical and fundamental analysis – and a whole variety of things that you need to know. You will also gain access to the online community of Warrior Trading – ensuring that you get all the real-time information that you need for your success.

2. Warrior Pro

Created as an easy-to-understand 90-day educational plan for traders, this Warrior Trading program was meant to fit every trader – regardless of their experience level. Warrior Pro also comes with an accelerated learning package (one that obviously follows the pace of the trader), allowing the new trader to get into the market fast. With the Warrior Pro program, you will get pretty much the same features that you normally would with the Warrior Starter pack. Plus, you will get access to the masterclass studies of Warrior Pro, weekday group training sessions, and the scanner settings for proper trading.

However, what makes the Warrior Pro special is that it includes some features that are not present in the Warrior Starter program. This includes topics such as swing trading, risk management, day trading, and chart pattern technical analysis. It also includes futures courses that will provide information on how futures trading works. Plus, if you subscribe to the Warrior Pro, you get access to the live trading mentor sessions. These group mentored sessions will take place any market day, and you will be able to talk to mentors that can directly answer any question that you may have. The Warrior Pro package starts at $197 per month and can reach $5,299 per year.

3. Warrior Inner Circle

If the Warrior Starter or Warrior Pro Package is not up to your fancy, you may want to try out the Warrior Inner Circle. This one is said to be the most exclusive and private trading platform. Accessible only through an exclusive app, this program is only limited to 100 traders every year and offers access to pretty much everything. If your application to the Warrior Inner Circle gets accepted, not only that you will get thorough mentorship with every feature you need (including live trading), but you should also be able to get private access to Ross Cameron himself. Aside from the chat rooms, you may also get to meet him and the team once every two years. The personalized package costs around $4,299 or more, depending on the features chosen.

4. Day Trading Chat Room

Perhaps one of the main advantages of the Warrior Trading service is the Warrior Trading chat room that is packed with experts in the field of trading. These chats are open going from 9 AM to 4 PM EST – more specifically when the U.S. market is open. You may either join or monitor (or both) separate chat rooms, all of which offer access to various trading strategies. Whether you want to trade like Ross or any other mentor, you may check for the trading chat room in which you see them activating the most. You may even join themed chat rooms, where you may learn about paper trading from experts or any other trading style.

5. Free Day Trading Materials

Aside from their premium trading services, they also provide trading tools free of charge – as well as techniques, strategies, and a watch list so that you may also give back to the community. This is actually quite convenient for beginners that want to know exactly what they are getting themselves into before they begin paying hard cash.

6. Proprietary Trading Scanner

Warrior Trading also offers its users access to the proprietary stock scanners, as well as the day’s stock market quotes. You will also get breaking news updates, as the scanners will search the stock market for trades that are worth investing in.

7. Basic Terminology for Day Trading

As a beginner trader, it is important to understand the terminology of the stock market in order to become better at what you do. When these terms can’t be easily accessed, Warrior Trading can offer them to you so that you may easily understand them and determine your trading style. Indeed, most of these terminologies may also be found on the Internet. However, Warrior Trader puts it all in one place for you, making it easy to understand even if you are a complete beginner in the trading domain.

8. Real-Time Trading Simulator

If you really want to learn about trading without putting your capital at risk, Warrior Trading also features a real-time paper trading simulator. This powerful learning tool was designed so that day traders could practice in a simulated (paper trading) environment – all of which include charts, tools, and indicators. You get access to a lot of real time data with the trading simulator – but you won’t be risking any of your money while you are at it.

Advantages Brought by Warrior Trading

When it comes to Warrior Trading, there are several advantages that you may reap by using their trade. Here are the main reasons why you might find it useful:

  • A beginner in trading may get more trading experience with the trading simulator, without putting real money at risk, by taking part in a live trading session with the mentors.
  • Their website is mobile-friendly.
  • The traders may easily interact with the mentors through live audio and video streams using web cams.
  • The trading courses are solid and informative, aimed at both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Provides personalized, hands-on interaction with the team and mentors.
  • Excellent customer support on the trading account that is highly responsive to queries.

The Drawbacks of Warrior Trading

Just like every service offered, there are also a few disadvantages that you might want to consider when it comes to this product. Many people do not find these drawbacks a deal-breaker. You should, however, be aware of them.

  • The packages that have all the good features are quite expensive – and are out of the average upcoming trader’s reach.
  • The focus is not really on long-term trading strategies.
  • Not a good choice for traders that have a low-risk tolerance.

What Customers Say About Warrior Trading

Most of the people that use this service also offer it a 5-star rating. So far, it seems that everyone who left a Warrior Trading course review is appreciative of the Warrior Trading webinar provided by Ross Cameron. Also, many of those that have left a Warrior Trading review have cited their professionalism, and also use them as a source for motivation. Many people using this trading product also prefer to leave a video where they discuss their experience, from the trading simulator to the trading chat and the trading courses. Every review video generally ends on a positive note, saying that they would certainly recommend this product to a friend.

Types of People that Benefit from Warrior Trading

Several types of people that have a trading account might find use in this product – but the ones that would benefit the most from it are:

  • Day traders that are active and in need of education
  • People that are looking for supplemental income
  • Those that are looking to trade but also work on their own terms
  • Active professional traders that are in need of mentoring

Overall, this trading product is good for both beginner and experienced traders. The platform also includes an online quiz that you may use to determine whether you are a beginner in the trading world or not. Once you have been “graded” on the test, you will be directed towards the package that is most suitable for your purpose.

What Are the Prices of Warrior Trading?

The Warrior Trading price is based on the level of trader that you are. The basic subscription for every month is priced at $149 – and this also includes access to the chat room, alerts through email and text, daily watchlist, swing trades, and other types of alerts. You may also go for a quarterly membership that costs you a total of $279 and offers you three months-worth of a basic membership – including a discount. The annual Warrior trading cost can be received at a total of $894, and this includes access to the trading chatroom, along with several proprietary scanners.

Is Warrior Trading Legit?

Many people ask themselves: “Is Warrior Trading legit?” By any intents and purposes, this is a legit service and certainly not a scam. That being said, there are certain people out there that may have not gotten the best of the service despite their investment – but that is mostly due to their investment skills. It is certainly not because of the efficiency of the website. One thing that is worth noting is that this trading service isn’t some sort of get-rich-quickly scheme. You are not expected to pump money and expect quick returns right away. However, the training programs that this service provides have the purpose of making you understand the art of trading through the trading simulator.

They also show you the psychology and theory necessary for every trader to be successful. That being said, you need to be aware that as a trader, you will certainly experience losses at some point during your trading – but this will mostly be due to the set of skills that you have. This program teaches you not to rush in your trading attempts and not to make any investments before you fully understand the stock market – so that you know when you should act.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, the Warrior Trading review shows, that the trading service is quite a good platform with great value. Granted, there are other free websites out there that offer seemingly the same benefits – but according to its users, this one provides a lot of consistent profits. It is quite expensive, but at the same time, if you are searching for trade ideas, this is a good place to look for inspiration. Hopefully, our review on the work of Ross Cameron proved to be of great use to you.


  • Real-time day trading
  • Huge basket of tools and courses available
  • Trading screen shared in real-time with subscribers
  • Free intro-courses and webinars available


  • Cheapest course starts at ~$600 even during promotion sales
  • Hundreds of hours of video material might feel newbies overwhelmed
Updated: January 17, 2020

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