TopstepTrader Promo Code 2020

TopstepTrader Promo Code

Hey traders, along with a TopstepTrader promo code you will find the most essential information about TST right on this page.

TopstepTrader Promo Code

And since 2019 there are TopstepTrader promo codes and coupons available to save 10% to 20% on your subscription.

So why should you pay the full price for a TopstepTrader funded trading challenge like the Trading Combine if you can save big with a TopstepTrader promo code?

Right! Saving money is like making money – just more comfortable.

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About TopstepTrader

Michael Patak, founder, and CVO of TopstepTrader, has a great success story to tell and his company provides this Topsteptrader promo code. It’s all about the rise of their funded trader program.

Michaels path was not a traditional one. That’s one of the reasons why his profile is not comparable to a typical successful trader.

He grew up in rural Nebraska. Farming and meatpacking were those things he would typically do there.

But his aspirations were more significant. Moving to a city to make something out of himself was what he dreamed of.

Something where failure or success were depending on his efforts and skills.

Do you know the movie Trading Places? He saw the movie as a teenager, and he knew that there is the opportunity he was looking for.

At this time, a TopstepTrader promo code was not clear on the horizon. And on top of that without a background in finance and trading, things were not in the best shape to happen.

So he moved to Chicago and lost $90,000 within a short period.

He had no trading strategy and didn’t know what he was doing.

So he moved to an entirely new trading environment. He started trading on a simulated account. How cool is that? 6 full months!

How did he do?

He did well! He followed his risk parameters and rules. And then, when he proofed himself that he was successful, he moved on to trade live again.

A 6-figure profit was possible for his at these days, and during his best trading day, he made $33,000!

And now, TopstepTrader was founded precisely on this blueprint of success.

Updated: January 02, 2020
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