Timothy Sykes Review – A Lesson of Trading Success

Timothy Sykes Review
Timothy Sykes Review
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Review Summary

As a trader that generally involves with penny stocks, there are several great personalities out there that will surely ring a bell to your ears. One of these people is Timothy Sykes, a professional when it comes to the world of day trading. No matter if he’s sharing pictures of a life full of luxury or using controversial marketing strategies, Timothy sure knows how to bring the attention to himself – but it’s likely this exact flair that has allowed him to become this rich person that he currently is. This Timothy Sykes review will give you a few ideas of why people keep using his services.

Who Is Timothy Sykes?

For starters, Timothy Sykes is likely one of the most successful traders and educators in today’s industry. By going through his blogs and any other informational Timothy Sykes review, you will see his claims of becoming a self-made millionaire at only 21 – and he did it by trading penny stocks. In fact, if there’s anything that he should be known about, it’s for the fact that he took the $12,415 gift money he received at a mitzvah bar and turned it into $1.65 million. Now that’s what we call successful trading – which is why Timothy Sykes net worth keeps growing. That being said, this was not his only success. Sykes also built quite a number of websites that are focused around providing learning materials for investors and traders. On his platforms, various traders share their experience in the chat rooms (all in a verified manner) so that beginners could learn firsthand what it takes to do successful trading.

His most successful platforms include Investimonials, Timothy Sykes Profit.ly, and Stocks to Trade. Since his theme generally operates on proving transparency among traders, the chat rooms and courses are most likely the most popular feature. Moreover, Tim is also a very strong advocate in trading education – which is why he says that he has more than 3,000 students in over 70 countries. Many people also learn the art of trading by using the Tim Sykes weekend profits. In fact, he is said to actually be the first guru in trading penny stocks to provide online courses. He also put together a fair number of newsletters that both a beginner and a professional day trader could use – namely the Penny Stocking Silver, Tim, Alerts, and the Millionaire Challenge. He also made a hedge fund during his college years – and aside from the hedge fund, he also created a scholarship for students of Tulane that showed great talent.

The Trading Style and Strategy of Tim Sykes

As per Sykes’s claims, his initial wealth was created by the shorting penny stocks. By looking at the stock market, he saw that many penny stocks that went from 100% to 1000% in a short time would eventually plummet and return to their bottom price. For this reason, he began leveraging on the stocks that seemed to be going down. As per the claims of Sykes, the market is packed with penny stock frauds, along with companies that use paid promotion schemes – all without providing full transparency. These were actually the practices that brought up the stocks and then eventually caused them to crash. However, according to Sykes, the best way to turn a smaller investment into a bigger one is to narrow down on which strategy is best for trading such a volatile stock. And as he states, the best strategies are those that are fitting to your personality.

With that in mind, what makes his trading strategy so unique? Considering that it has its main roots in technical analysis, he mostly uses stock charts to arrive at a conclusion in regard to his trades. Plus, he likes to focus on elements such as paid promotions, news catalysts, and earnings. For example, if there is such a circumstance that a stock will run simply because of a paid promotion, Tim’s main assumption would be that the company is a fraud – and that once the promotions end, the share prices will also crash. Still, with so many investors catching up to this trading strategy, it’s becoming more and more difficult to separate the fraudulent ones from the ones that are actually winning.

Timothy Sykes Services and Programs

Timothy Sykes provides a variety of services and programs that people may use to become better traders. Here are the ones you will likely take an interest in. Before trying any of them, you may want to read a Timothy Sykes review on each, to see which one is the better bit.

1. The Chat Room

By going to the Profit.ly website, you will see that Tim, along with a few other moderators, has also put together a chat room. This chat room features a variety of high profile traders – including Michael Goode, one of Sykes’s millionaire students. In this chat room, all traders may see live trading alerts from Timothy, as well as his moderators. Still, Tim Sykes himself is not as active in the chatroom – at least not in comparison to the other moderators. Instead, most of his time is spent building an empire, doing interviews – and of course, traveling. So, if you’d like to have a one on one with the man himself, you are probably going to be disappointed.

That being said, he still takes the time to alert his subscribers in regard to his trades, using both his phone and email, so that those watching may take action at the right moment. That being said, depending on how responsive you are to alerts, the resulting trade may be either good or bad. For instance, if you decide to take action the moment you get the alert, you may trade together with Sykes, in a similar manner. On the other hand, if your response is late, it might be quite difficult for you to find an entry point. That being said, some members, as well as people that leave a Timothy Sykes review, actually warn against copying the trading moves of Tim Sykes without understanding them. Last but not least, this chatroom also gives you the option to block certain traders from showing up in your chat. This is actually quite a nice extra, as the chat is packed with new traders that make things quite noisy. This way, you can focus on the professionals such as Timothy that can actually bring you trading profits.

2. The Trading Courses

The trading courses are also one big reason why people keep coming to this platform. Despite the fact that Timothy always seems to be traveling from one expensive place to another, he also says that he has a deep love for grooming other traders – emphasizing that he has many millionaire students that became successful after following his courses. You may get them on live DVD, which is the standard for many similar videos. All lessons may be found at a particular level, depending on the kind of traders that are joining. You may go for anything from Shortstocking to Pennystocking, TimTactics, and Learn Level 2 – and these aren’t the only ones. Every course acts as a comprehensive guide into the world of trading. Aside from this, Tim also offers video lessons that are released every week. These videos are optional – but according to every review left for Tim, they are a gold mine that provides great value for new traders.

3. The Profit.ly Online Trading Platform

Perhaps one of Tim’s most popular creations, Profit.ly is an invention where Tim Sykes shares all of his experience and knowledge with all of his fellow traders. It is a separate platform that gives you access to several trading chat rooms, but also to analysis, trade verification, and trading courses. Plus, the platform claims to connect a day trader with a variety of trading products – in terms of training, signal, and trading education. The platform may easily be used by beginners – but most of the people that would benefit from it are the experienced traders. They are the ones that already have decent knowledge in regard to trading penny stocks. Timothy Sykes does not run the platform alone – but together with a number of verified gurus such as Connor Bruggemann and Paul Scolardi. Like Timothy, each of these gurus has his own subscription-based training course, as well as chat rooms and other alert services. It is the perfect place for a beginner to learn, and for an advanced person to learn even more about their trade.

Subscriptions and Their Prices

Tim Sykes provides three different types of subscriptions, all with separate prices: Tim’s Alerts, the PennyStocking Silver, and the Millionaire Challenge. The latter is evidently the most expensive one. Still, generally speaking, these are priced quite conveniently in comparison to many other similar services – and all while providing the same quality.

1. Tim Alerts

At $74.95 per month, this is the most basic service that you can go for. It offers you access to chat rooms, along with trade alerts, daily stock watchlists, and many other push alerts. Experienced traders will likely find the most use in this service, as it will provide real time alerts to opportunities. However, if you do not watch the instructional videos on the level ups, then this offer might not be as useful. It may also be quite difficult to follow by beginners in the day trading world – specifically those that are not really familiar with the trading concepts and the lingo. Many say that trade alerts are a marketing strategy used to bring as many subscribers on board as possible. That being said, considering that it gives access to a chat room that has over 1000 active traders, you get a lot of information from it. You may also enjoy trading alerts, along with up to 10 daily stock watch lists.

2. PennyStocking Silver

Just like Tim’s Alerts can be quite beneficial for experienced traders, this one is more convenient for beginners (although a professional might benefit from it as well). Not only do you get Tim’s Alerts, but you also receive weekly video lessons and access to Tim’s whole library. It costs $149.95 per month, but it’s a small price to pay if you want knowledge. Granted, it might be rather difficult to go through all of the PennyStocking Silver – but if you decide so, they are packed with wisdom gold in regard to trading. Timothy Sykes provides clear and simple explanations that even those who are just beginners in the world of trading can understand. For the beginner and intermediate investors, this is nothing less of a gold mine.

3. The Millionaire Challenge

If you are already an expert in the domain (and also have a few bucks to spare), then you might want to go big with the Millionaire Challenge. You get everything that the PennyStocking Silver package offers, along with private webinars with the man himself along with his best students. That being said, $5,000 might be quite a hefty price to pay as a beginner – as that difference could be used for trading. However, Sykes mentions quite a number of success stories for those that use the Millionaire challenge. If it doesn’t seem like a big deal for you to drop that amount of money every month, then it is a service you can actually learn from. Similarly, many people don’t feel pushed to go for the Millionaire Challenge, as they get all the education that they need with the PennyStocking Silver package. Most people that leave a review suggest that if you wish to go for the Millionaire Challenge, you might want to go for the lower-priced packages first. This way, you will see whether you are a good fit for it or not.

Pros and Cons of Working with Tim Sykes

Trading with Tim Sykes has its own pros and cons, according to each particular review that was left for him. Let’s see what people have to praise about him, but also what they may have to complain about. For now, let’s start with the advantages.

  • His plans and services are cheaper in comparison to other similar platforms, making them a better choice for beginners.
  • Great marketing tactics seem to be effective with the market’s ambitious traders.
  • Timothy provides a lot of quality knowledge in regard to penny stocks.
  • He has a great variety of day trading online courses for his students.
  • You get access to quite a high number of video lessons.
  • His plans provide you real time alerts that allow you to take action quickly.
  • Moderators are very efficient at keeping the chat room organized.

That being said, while there are quite a number of advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that you might want to have in mind:

  • The extravagant lifestyle of Tim Sykes that is continuously advertised on Instagram makes people be frightful of a Tim Sykes scam.
  • Unless you subscribe to Tim’s own chat room (the Stock Trading Challenge), your chances to actually find him on these chats are very low.
  • The Tim Stock Trading Challenge is fairly expensive – and you won’t know its price unless you sign up.

That being said, many people are content with the services provided by Timothy Sykes. You just have to determine whether the disadvantages are a deal-breaker for you or not.

Concluding Remarks: Should You Sign Up?

Now, let us conclude the Timothy Sykes review of this year. Overall, this platform provides a learning curve that all traders should know. Those that are asking “is Timothy Sykes legit?” can rest assured – because according to the reviews, he is the real deal. Hopefully, our Timothy Sykes review proved of good use to you.


  • Well know personality on your side
  • Interesting video mix on YouTube
  • Resonable pricing for lower tier services


  • Timothy Sykes
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Updated: January 22, 2020
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