​Raging Bull Trading Reviews

​​The company Raging Bull LLC belongs to the fastest growing companies in the United States. In 2019 Raging Bull entered the Inc. 5,000 for the first time. Because of their 3 years revenue growth of 465%, they ranked just two places behind UBER. This makes it evident that their products and services are outstanding. The followership to Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis and Nathan Bear is enormous.

Raging Bull currently offers about 10 different trading services. We focus on the major ones which have one ​crucial thing in common. They all include live-streaming of the trading accounts. What that means is that subscribers can see the portfolio from Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, and Nathan Bear during the trading day. Also, all three services are live-trading services with an extensive education package.

  1. Jason Bond Picks
  2. Dollar Ace
  3. Weekly Money Multiplier
  4. Weekly Windfalls
  5. Fast 5 Trades

​1. Jason Bond Picks

Raging Bull | Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks was the first mentoring and stock picking service from Jason Bond, co-founder of Raging Bull. Later, Weekly Winfalls followed as option trading service. Until today, he mainly trades low-float stocks below $10 with Jason Bond Picks. Every morning, subscribers receive an email about the potential trades. During the day, Jason Bond send upfront notification about stocks he wants to trade and finally informs once he made a trade.

  • Stock picking service
  • Mainly low-float and penny stocks
  • Live screen sharing
  • Trading account visible
  • Swing trading

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2. Dollar Ace

Raging Bull Trading | Dollar Ace

The next service in this Raging Bull trading review compilation is Dollar Ace. Kyle Dennis is the head behind this options trading service. Kyle scans the options market for dark-pool activities and combines the top uncommon activities with technical analysis and catalyst interpretation. If something is going on behind the scenes, there is a good chance that Kyle discovers these activities. Kyle mainly trades options below $1 and aims for a couple of 100% per trade.

  • Option trading service
  • Options below <$1 with unusual options activity
  • Live screen sharing
  • Trading account visible
  • Swing trading

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3. Weekly Money Multiplier

Raging Bull Trading Reviews | Weekly Money Multiplier

​Weekly Money Multiplier is an options trading service. Nathan Bear is the lead trader, and he shares his screen all day long with subscribers. Nathan is a fantastic mentor and teacher. Various education and live-trading sessions take place during a week. The extensive video archive with recorded events makes the offer complete.

  • Option trading service
  • Options based on large-cap stocks
  • Live screen sharing
  • Trading account visible
  • ​Day trading and swing trading

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​4. Weekly Windfalls

Raging Bull | Weekly Windfalls

Weekly Windfalls is an options trading service with trade alerts, educational elements, and live-trading. It is the second service operated by Jason Bond. Jason Bond Picks is all about trading Jason's fishhooks and rockets patterns on small-cap stocks, and Weekly Windfalls is about options trading based on large-cap stocks like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Roku.

Throughout the day, Jason shares his account via live-stream.

  • Options Trading
  • Educational elements with live-coaching
  • Live screen sharing
  • ​Trading account visible
  • Swing trading options
  • More complex options strategies

Please, have a look at the Weekly Windfalls review to get a better understanding of the exact features offered, or click here to claim your discount of 40% to 67% right now.

​5. Fast 5 Trades

Raging Bull Trading Reviews | Fast 5 Trades

​​The ​stock picking service Fast 5 Trades is being moderated by Kyle Dennis. The main difference to the other Raging Bull services is the fact that there is no screen sharing available, only one trade per week is made, and finally, the low cost compared to the other services. ​Kyle sends the trade alert every Monday and email subscribers regarding position updates during the week. The idea behind this trading concept is that full-time working investors can learn about day trading, options trading, and catalyst trading with a few minutes per week.

  • ​Stocks trading
  • Educational videos and blog posts
  • One trade per week
  • Low costs

The discount of 87% is an excellent starting point. Make sure to watch the introduction video first and get your first trade delivered by next Monday. Check the Fast 5 Trades review for more insights.


​Raging Bull offers a wide variety of trading services. Beginners, and experienced traders find outstanding opportunities depending on their preferences, account size and budget. Some Raging Bull services are available for less than $200 per year, while the premium services cost about $100 per month. The lower priced services are newsletters, while the more expensive once include real-time market analysis, trade-alerts, education and live-trading. Most services aim to make profits during a bull market, while some strategies are also designed to make money during bear markets.

Raging Bull Trading Reviews | Experts

Here is a list of all ​head traders at Raging Bull, to make the Raging Bull trading reviews overview complete.

  • Taylor Conway
  • Nathan Bear
  • Kyle Dennis
  • Jeff Bishop
  • Jason Bond
  • Ben Sturgill
  • Dave Lukas
  • Jeff Williams
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