Investors Underground Review – A Guide to Make Things Clear

Investors Underground Review
Investors Underground Review
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Review Summary

Investors Underground belongs to the market leaders in the day trading education business. Nathan Michaud does a great job since inception and provides a reliable range of products and services. New traders will like the new trading chat room the most, while the education material will be well received too.

Day trading chat rooms have become quite a popular thing nowadays, particularly among people that have no experience in online trading, but still wish to start off a trading career. These websites allow people to learn about the trading world, without actually risking a lot of money in the beginning. Simply put, this service is the kind that will put you on the trading path, teaching you about the risks of the trading world and what you should do in order to be successful. It is practically a course on how to be a good online day trader – one that will also get you started into the profits. We have provided this Investors Underground review so that you may gain a start in the trading world.

The Basics of Investors Underground

Investors Underground is likely one of the most well-known chat rooms on the Internet – particularly when it comes to the trading world. The service has been around for quite some time – specifically, since 2008 – and you will see that it has quite a lot of active users. Investors Underground was originally available on the platform for – but in 2015, they have announced their departure. Ever since then, they have been working independently into guiding new traders on the market. Simply put, Investors Underground is a trading platform that gives premium memberships for day traders. These traders are granted access to chat rooms, video lessons, watch lists, and many more. It acts as a “jumpstart” for those that want to begin a career in trading, and it teaches them all they need to know in order to go big.

The Man behind Investors Underground

Investors Underground was launched officially by Nathan Michaud, a well-known trader when it comes to online trading. Most traders actually recognize him by the handle he has on his twitter, Investors Live (@InvestorsLive). Nathan Michaud became passionate in day trading around 2003 and turned it into a full-time job in 2007 – after he graduated from college with a finance degree. In the year 2007, he created a web page called “Investors Underground” – and later on, that website evolved into what we know today as Investors Underground.

Nathan is very popular for having good instincts in regards to the market – as you may see for yourself by checking his Twitter calls. He trades a variety of stock types, and will also take a dive on both market sides (the long side and the short side). The trading style of Nathan is oriented mostly on intraday momentum trading – which is Investors Underground’s key focus. That being said, this service has perhaps one of the most diverse traders’ groups that we have noticed in every review. Many people sign up to the website so that they could gain access to Nate’s knowledge and trading services – and paving their way towards becoming a better day trader. Since the Nathan Michaud net worth is of multiple millions of dollars, people are trusting that he can provide good advice.

The Trading Style of Investors Underground

Most of the trades that occur on Investors Underground are generally focusing on technical analysis. Nathan Michaud and the other moderators on the platform are focusing greatly on looking for setups that have a high-reward yet low-risk potential – a trading style that is able to bring a lot of profit. These setups may include anything from ABCD charts, parabolic moves, trading green/red reversals, and so on. Their purpose is to be as diverse as possible – and also to have a lot of activity in comparison to other websites aimed at traders. Nathan Michaud and the other traders on the platform generally trade different setups and stock types every day. They may trade $1 stocks and they may also trade $100 stocks. They can opt for short trades, or they may begin placing long trades. So, it may be rather difficult initially to keep the score with this quick-paced trading style. However, once you get used to it, you will see that you will be able to learn quite a lot from the traders.

Investors Underground Membership Prices

The Investors Underground service offers two types of memberships: the standard membership and elite membership. The difference between these two is that those that are elite members can also access the trade recap, along with a wide selection of video lessons. Both memberships will be priced differently, as both of them have their own levels. The standard plan will cost you at least $197 every month, whereas the elite plan will start its prices around $297 per month. You may also get discounts if you go for the annual or quarterly membership – and many people that leave a review recommend that you take advantage of these discounts.

Investors Underground Membership Plans

Once you have decided which membership type works best for you between the standard and the elite, you may also want to choose the membership plan. Here is what you may go for.

1. Daily Watch Lists

Every night, some Investors Underground moderators and trading experts will share the stocks that they have on their watch list. This will include tickets, charts, as well as a game plan that you may use on the next day. Many people that left an Investors Underground review have praised this feature. These daily watch lists are slightly different in comparison to other trading services, as they are not your average “buy and sell” recommendations. Their purpose is to help you understand the investment strategies, as well as the thought process that generally occurs behind the trade.

2. Trade Recaps and Video Lessons

Investing Underground is a chat room that was made for all traders, regardless of their skill level – which means that beginners are also highly welcomed. And what better way for beginners to learn than through video lessons and trade recaps? In particular, if you are paying for the Elite Membership, make sure that you take advantage of all the included tools. The trade recaps and video lessons generally talk about daily trading concepts and activity. For example, if you find that you are lost in the chat room, you may go through the trade recaps and get a better hang of it. They are not just for beginners – but also for experienced traders that missed a few daily trading lessons.

3. Trading Chat Rooms

In regard to Investors Underground, there are several chat rooms that you may try out. You have the momentum chat, the crypto/OTC chat, the swing trading chat, and the traders’ lounge. These chat rooms focus on both long and short trades, depending on your aim and which one you join. In these chat rooms, the moderators will share their thoughts and trade ideas in real-time updates. Indeed, Nathan Michaud is the main moderator in these chat rooms – but there are also several other skilled traders there than can be of great help. This diversity in moderators is what makes this service different from other typical day trading chat rooms. The herd mentality is less accentuated, and people will not be tempted to follow just a single trader. Instead, all experts share their ideas, bringing more value to the group – no matter if it is on the momentum or swing trading chat.

4. Educational Webinar

Investor Underground also hosts quite a number of webinars Investors Underground for members to enjoy every month. These webinars are hosted by Nate, along with several day trading experts (namely, Cody, Dante, Alex, and Emil). These webinars are simply “check-ins” for every member. The moderators will generally discuss the market activity along with the trade recaps – but most of the webinar is actually reserved for the Question & Answer section. If you are a beginner in the world of trades, this is a feature that you should take advantage of. If you see that you are lost, the webinars Investors Underground may provide guidance for everything that you may need. Many people that left a review were quite pleased with this feature.

Day Trading Courses

So far, we’ve covered the features that you may take advantage of in the standard and premium memberships. However, Investors Underground also offers trading courses that only feature a one-time fee (as opposed to the monthly subscriptions) for the streaming access. You may buy these courses individually or you may bundle them together with your membership – it’s up to you. By bundling them, you will also get a discount rate, and you may also use them as a support system for your trading skills. Here are the courses that you may choose:

1. Textbook Trading

The Textbook Trading course is a comprehensive day trading course. It is meant for beginners – but at the same time, it discusses a wide number of intermediate and advanced subjects. To put it simply, this course will provide everything that an investor needs to know in regard to the traders’ world. If you want to purchase either of the two courses, you might want to put this one at the top of your list.

2. Tandem Trading

In comparison to Textbook Trading, Tandem Trading is a bit more advanced. This course builds upon the methodologies that were previously talked about in Textbook Trading, which is why you might want to purchase it after you have bought the beginner course. Whereas Textbook Trading focuses on the theory of trading, Tandem Trading puts the emphasis on action. For the tandem trader, this is like the seminar to the course, where you actually learn to apply the theory that you have learned.

Who Would Benefit from Using Investors Underground?

IU is efficient for online traders that already have a basic understanding of the market and the way in which stocks work. For example, if you only just began to learn about day trading, you might get quite confused in the Investors Underground chat room (as you would in any other chat room from a similar service). Before joining the service, you might want to focus on educating yourself with some trade ideas – an action that will allow you to benefit more from this service.

Furthermore, IU is a service that is most useful for traders that have the ability to keep a close eye on the market during the market hours. There are many valuable alerts that you may use – and each day, you learn something new. That being said, you must have the willingness to work. This isn’t the kind of service where you may ignore or put the alerts on mute. If active trades are your goal, then there is likely no better chat room for you to join.

Advantages of Investors Underground

Investors Underground provides a variety of advantages for those that want to put their money to good use and wish to understand the stocks properly. If you are not already convinced why you should become a day trader, here are a few good reasons to try it:

  • Investors Underground is a highly transparent trading platform, one that verifies every trade – including the ones that are losing. They provide a straightforward and honest approach.
  • Considering that they made over $3.1 million in broker verified profits, it is quite a determining factor that they actually know what they are doing.
  • There are many video lessons in its history that may be of very good use – especially if you are a beginner in the trading world.
  • The customer support is quite reliable – most of the time responding right away to your questions – particularly during market hours. You will be receiving your answers from successful and experienced traders that have signed up especially to help you out with trade ideas.
  • The night watch list and the daily pre-market will offer you quite a good idea of how you should approach penny stock trading or any kind of online trading.
  • The service will teach you how to be self-sufficient when you are self-trading.
  • The Investors Underground chat room is positive, and each potential winning trade is brought into the discussion.

Drawbacks of Investors Underground

That being said, while there are many advantages that you may reap by using the service, there are also a few disadvantages that you may want to keep in mind. Most people do not consider them a deal-breaker, but depending on the type of trader that you are, you may still want to have them in mind. Here is what people point out as a negative for this platform:

  • The service may cost quite a lot of money for some people, as you will have to pay about $200-$300 every month (to round the sum). An inexperienced trader can hardly afford this sum at first – and can only go for the free YouTube instructional videos.
  • The chat room may be rather impressive – but those that review Investors Underground still say that it has quite a few flaws. For instance, since some chat rooms can be quite crowded (for example, the momentum chat), it might take some time for you to meet everyone. This way, you won’t know who has the best trade ideas.

Concluding Remarks: Is It Worth It?

Overall, many people claim that IU is a service that is worth trying and the Investors Underground review confirms, Nathan is a very talented and experienced trader, and his advice on how to approach the trading world would certainly come to the benefit of many inexperienced traders. It may be slightly expensive – but for the price that they ask, they certainly bring a lot to the table. Hopefully, our Investors Underground review proved of good use to you.


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  • High prices
Updated: January 20, 2020
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