Day Trading Academy Review – What You Need to Know

Day Trading Academy Review
Day Trading Academy Review
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Being an advanced trader may sound scary at first – but if you get the knowledge, each step will become more confident, and you’ll be able to earn money soon with your skills. Our Day Trading Academy review aims to make it more clear what the pros and cons of this trading education service are.

If you want to become a day trader, the chances are that you might need some help to nudge you in the right direction. There are so many ways in which you can approach trading that you do not even know which one you should go for. Did you know that there was actually such a thing as the “organic” approach to trading? Well, in truth, that is exactly what trading is about – and you will see what you mean by that. Instead of being given the usual, processed items, you will be able to swim in the actual market, together with the real sharks. Find more about it in this Day Trading Academy review.

Day Trading Academy – An Overview

As its name suggests, this online trading school is mostly based on learning. Its purpose is to bring input from different professionals all over the world – just so that those who are barely starting can also learn how to trade. The platform was made with the thought that the Forex market is changing continuously – and you may never know exactly what the most appropriate way to tackle trading is. You need to continuously look at the flow.

As a result, if you join the program, you would enter a process where you continuously learn. By never stopping this learning course, the website is practically a strategy for you to never run out of option. You should know exactly what to do at every step of the way.

The Mind behind the Program

The one who has founded this program is the famous trader Marcello Arrambide. He has two decades worth of trading experience in this industry and has also been creating and teaching various trading techniques for the past 8 years. He has a unique love for traveling – and he is quite known for the fact that he is always moving around. Ever since he became a trader, not only did he travel to 5 continents and 110 countries, but he also lived in 12 different countries.

Regarding his experience, Marcello Arrambide was not always successful. When he started, he ended up on a losing streak – one that cast a great hole in his budget. Around $25,000 were placed in those trades, and he watched all that money go down the drain, without any chances of being recovered. This is precisely why he began to help other traders once he gained experience – all so that they could avoid making the same mistakes.

What Makes Day Trading Academy So Special?

Generally, when you see platforms with trading courses, you expect to see a variety of people trying to sell you bots, software, or indicators. However, what makes DTA so unique is that they are not trying to sell you anything; they just allow you to work with professional traders in real time – some that are involved actively in the world of trading. It’s like being trained by the actual expert instead of only receiving theoretical lessons from the professor.

The main idea with this course is that once you have gone through the program, you will also have to provide training upon completion. If you are a beginner in the field, this will mean two things for you: the first is that you will always be taught by live traders who have only the latest information regarding the market. The second is that once you learn the ropes, you will get to share the love as well.

Indicator-Free Trading

While there may not be anything necessarily wrong with the use of indicators when it comes to trades, they also require quite a lot of investment and attention – which might work to overcomplicate things. Instead, some would say that it is much more beneficial to trade by using clean charts.

Indeed, depending on your level, you might have to use one or two indicators at first – but the purpose of DTA is to teach you how to trade without the “training wheels” – to dive with a clean slate with confidence and reassurance that you are making the right move.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Day Trading Academy

According to the moderators of the DTA, along with those that have left an online trading academy review, there are several reasons why you might want to opt for the program:

  • Their teachings on the market are based on price action rather than on software and indicator.
  • It works on all markets – including the down-market, the upmarket, and the sideways market.
  • The mentoring program can cover any level of trades, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.
  • Since not many can enter the program, each member will get exclusive attention.
  • Actual traders are involved in the live classes and not just teachers that don’t trade.
  • The DTA method actually allows you to make some real money even if you end up with a losing trade.
  • The cost is mostly free – or at least more affordable than other similar courses.
  • The course is easy to follow, making it a better alternative to trading schools.

That being said, while there are quite a number of advantages with the Day Trading Academy method, there are also a few disadvantages that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Since there are no indicators used in the program, it might be difficult for some people to learn.
  • Since the number of people is limited, it is quite difficult to get into the program.
  • It might take some time for you to learn.

The Stages of Learning under Arrambide’s Program

The program features four stages for you to learn – all of which prepare you for the next steps. It is a smooth and adaptive way of training – one that should teach you how to become a real professional trader by using baby steps.

1. The Beginner Phase

This section is meant for those that have little to no knowledge in regards to day trading. Here, a professional day trader or trainer will work to guide you through every step of the way, taking you through every detail regarding what anyone needs to know about becoming a trader.

That being said, this part is not only meant for beginners. Many professional traders prefer to join this section as a way to keep on to their consistency and not lose their touch. The phase contains 19 chapters, an introduction to technical analysis, along with the psychology of training and information on emotional intelligence.

2. The Intermediate Phase

On the intermediate stage, you skip the beginner stuff and move onto the parts that make the program unique. Once you get down to all the basics in phase one (the beginner phase), phase two will teach you on how to handle risk mitigation strategies. Plus, you will also be taught on how to maximize your risk management and how to handle maximizing profit targets.

This phase involves the use of modules such as Emini Basics and NinjaTrader. Plus, you will be shown advanced skills of working with the movements of the market. You get real exercises for real and accurate trading.

3. The Advanced Phase

Once you have proved that you have mastered the intermediate phase and that you know how to read the live market in real time, you will be sent straight into the realm of pure trading. This is exactly the purpose of this stage – to teach you how to catch onto the momentum direction and become a real trader.

Using the trading strategies from this phase, you will be able to tell apart a valid trade from an invalid one – therefore, keeping your money safe. This phase is appreciated mostly because it is based on feedback – meaning that you may always send your thoughts regarding a strategy that you may have found about in online trading academy reviews. You may also find out more about unconventional trading strategies that do not really follow the standard rule but will give you a lot more profit in the long run.

4. The Pro Phase

If you have reached this phase, it means that you have gained a basic understanding of the way the market works and are no longer just an advanced trader. Now that you know the waters of the trading world, this phase should take you even deeper into the ocean.

Since this phase is very complex and packed with a variety of difficult strategies, it is only aimed at experienced traders that already know what they are doing and that have already proven themselves worthy in this industry. Here, you will be putting your skills to good use and interact with professionals as they are making a profit.

Options of Day Trading Academy

There are a variety of advantages that you may reap from Day Trading Academy. So, here are your options.

1. Live Trading Room

Twice a week, DTA holds classes to cover topics of importance – as well as for watching the market together. While beginners may also benefit from this, this time is generally used to reinforce a variety of concepts. It is a class that is needed for traders to learn how to trade on their own. Opinions and strategies are exchanged so that traders might learn the profession of being a trader.

2. Review Classes

Once the live room ends, people also have the option of going to the review classes. Here, they may go through any other questions that they have – the ongoing forum being used to cover any blank spots.

3. In-Depth Video Library

Not everyone can make it to the live classes. They may be on the Internet, but everyone has their own schedule. This is why the lessons are recorded all the time, so that you may catch up even if you have school or work to attend to. All topics are covered here, from futures trading to anything you might want to know about.

How Much Does the Day Trading Academy Cost?

Technically speaking, this course is a free one, as compared to others that ask for hard cash. However, some of the pro courses will have to be paid for – but the price is not exactly known until you determine what you want to learn.

Who Should Take Advantage of DTA?

This training is – like the Day Trading Academy Review shows, meant for those whose aim is to be successful. If you are fed up of continuously going to a 9 to 5 job and want some flexibility along with a successful life, then it is worth trying out. If you get accepted, then you will only be trained by the best until you reach success. That being said, you will also need to have a tolerance for risk, as the market is volatile and you may never know precisely what to expect.

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  • Investors have to invest money to see what the service costs
  • Based on other reviews, beginner classes primarely exist to sell a product and not to teach


  • Up to $60,000 costs for education is extremely expensive compared to other providers
  • No stock picking, trade alerts, or screen share
Updated: January 25, 2020
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