Ninety-nine percent of the problems subscribers have reported fall into the following categories. However, if none of the following solve your problem, help is but an e-mail or phone call away. SEND E-MAILS FOR HELP TO THE SUBSCRIPTION DEPT, NOT THE EDITORIAL DEPT. There is a 'Contact" Icon on the homepage for the subscription dept. Please be as specific as possible. It’s difficult for us to pinpoint your problem from “The website isn’t working”, “I can’t get the hotline message.” or "I can't get the newsletter." Make a note of how far you get with what you’re trying to do before the problem arises. If you’re getting some kind of pop-up notice, jot down what it says and pass that information along to us.

PROBLEM: I've forgot my Username or Password.

Answer: You can recover your login information at our Recovery Page - Click Here.

PROBLEM: Text/Font Size is too small or to hard to read.

Answer: If for any reason the text is too hard to read on any sections of our site you can use your browsers Zoom function. 
How to Zoom: hold down the Ctrl key on either side of your keyboard below the Shift key, Now if you have a Mouse Wheel (in the center of your mouse) Roll it forward to Zoom IN and Roll it backward to Zoom Out while holding the Ctrl key. If you do not have a mouse Wheel on your mouse you can hold Ctrl and Press the + or – keys.
*Note: All browsers handle the Zoom function differently so we highly suggest that you use the latest version of the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome.

PROBLEM: I've signed up for the email alerts but I'm not getting them.

Answer: Your spam filtering is probably blocking our e-mail alerts. Since our e-mail alerts are sent by an automated 'broadcast' e-mail system to many e-mail addresses at once, some spam-blocking programs tag them as probable spam and put them in a blocked e-mail file. 
You need to put in your 'white list', or 'accepted sender' list, or whatever location your spam-filter provides for that purpose. Also if your spam-filter allows you put 'domain' into your white list as well, this should prevent any additional spam blocking from any other email addressed we may need to contact you from.
If you can't figure out how to do that, e-mail our subscription office via the Contact Us link at the top of the home pages, and tell them what kind of browser you are using, or what kind of extra spam-blocking software you are using (eg AngelFire, AOL Mail, AT&T, Comcast, EmailProtect, Norton, etc.). There are hundreds of brands of spam-blocking software. The subscription department doesn't have instructions for all, but does have for many.

PROBLEM: Every once in awhile I go to the website and the latest hotline, commentary, or newsletter, is not on the site. All I get is the last one, which I've already seen. 

Answer: It probably is. What you are viewing is the ‘cache’ copy of the page that is in your own computer’s file from the last time you were on the site. First make sure you are connected to the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet all you need to do is press the ‘Refresh’ icon on your browser tool bar. If you don't know which icon it is, just press F5 on your keyboard, which is the 'universal alternate refresh' that works for almost all browsers. Your computer is supposed to automatically 'refresh' each time it is turned on, but very occasionally they do not. Chances are if you just reboot (restart) your computer it will also take care of the problem for you. If it occasionally doesn't, you should only have to manually 'refresh'.

PROBLEM:  I get to the home page but can’t figure out how to see the hotline messages or newsletter.

Answer: Quick way: On the main Home Page, look on the right side of the page at the frame titled 'Also in subscriber's area:', For the latest hotline, click on the date shown for 'Latest hotline update'. For the current newsletter, click on the dated newsletter link. You will be asked to enter your username and password. 
However, the recommended way is to go to the separate 'Subscriber Area' by clicking on the blue 'SUBSCRIBER'S AREA' button in the upper left corner of the Home Page. That is recommended because sometimes we provide a special message for subscribers only, which you will miss if you go directly to the hotline or newsletter from the website's main Home Page, without first going to the Subscribers Area home page.

Either way, a box will open which asks for your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’. These are the access codes that were provided you when you subscribed. Enter those, click OK, and you will immediately be in the Subscribers’ Area. If you’ve lost your access codes call the subscription office (1-386-943-4081) and they’ll happily retrieve them for you. 

PROBLEM: I did that and instead of taking me to the Subscribers’ Area, a page came up that said “Authorization is Required”.

Answer: Assuming your subscription hasn't run out, you’re probably entering your access codes incorrectly. Computers are precise and insistent regarding details. Your user-name is case-sensitive. Be sure you are using all small letters. For instance, if your User Name is ebanjo, only ebanjo will work. Ebanjo will not. EBanjo will not. EBANJO will not. No periods, commas or quotation marks. Just ebanjo

Also, be sure you’re putting your User-Name in the User-Name Box and your Password in the Password box, and not vice versa. Your User-Name is all letters. Your Password is all numbers. If you still have a problem please call the office and we’ll get it solved.  

PROBLEM: I can see the Adobe Acrobat version of the newsletter on my screen, and can scroll through it, etc., but when I try to print it out on my printer, it doesn’t work.

Answer: You are probably pressing PRINT on the task bar of your browser. To print from Adobe you must press on the printer icon (picture of a printer) on Adobe’s tool bar. (With most computers Adobe opens in a separate window within your browser’s main window, so that the tool bars for both your browser and Adobe are visible at the same time).

PROBLEM: I have not had any problems before, but I am suddenly unable to get the Adobe version of the newsletter.

Answer: There are three possible causes. When Adobe comes out with a new version of Adobe Acrobat, they are only backward compatible with perhaps the last three previous versions. If you have an older version than that, that could be the problem. If so, you can solve it by upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.  You can do that by clicking here Click here to download a free 'read only' version from Adobe. Be sure to follow the steps outlined on the Adobe site carefully. It is necessary to download the file to your computer, and then install it. If you have any problems with the download or installation, call Adobe's customer support line, as they are more familiar with their software than we could possibly be.

The second possible cause of the problem is if you have installed or downloaded one of the popular software packages that allow you to listen to music or download movies (available free on a lot of websites these days). Some of them make their 'file reader' the default reader on your computer, pushing Adobe's reader aside. So Adobe no longer opens automatically to capture the newsletter. To overcome the problem you can temporarily disable the reader that made itself your default reader, usually by right-clicking on its icon and choosing "Disable" (The next time you want to use it right-click on the icon and choose "Enable"). Or open Adobe Acrobat before you try to open an Adobe pdf file like the newsletter. Or change Adobe back to being your default reader.  
The third possibility, which is fairly common with computers in business offices, is that your computer has been set to block internet downloads (possibly by your boss?), and so is blocking the download of our newsletter. It is also possible you have firewall or spam-killer software set to block downloads, and need to add our website to the list of acceptable sites in that software.

PROBLEM: When I print the newsletter the printing overruns the edges of the paper so it can’t all be read.

Answer: After you press on the printer icon in Adobe, a screen comes up that allows you to set the print parameters. Be sure the boxes that say ‘Print Image’, and ‘Fit to paper’ are checked.

PROBLEM: It seems to take up to a minute for the newsletter to show up on my monitor.

Answer: That's mostly a function of your modem and computer’s speed. It is almost instant with a cable or DSL modem, much slower with a dial-up phone modem. 

PROBLEM:  I can’t find either your snail mail or e-mail address anywhere on the site.

Answer:  Click on the blue CONTACT US button at the top right hand corner of the Home Page. There you will find phone number, mail address, and e-mail contacts with pre-addressed boxes for you to type your message in.

PROBLEM: I send e-mails to Sy or the editorial department and don't get answers.

The subscription department will always respond to an e-mail in answer to problems listed above, or other questions you have related to your subscription; access to the website, renewals, address changes, etc. 
However, regarding individual e-mail or telephone communications with the editorial department, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section, questions, 3, 4, 5.

If none of the above solve your specific problem, help is but an e-mail or phone call away. Again, please be as specific as possible. It’s difficult for us to pinpoint your problem from “The website isn’t working” or “I can’t get the hotline message.” See first paragraph above for the type of information we need.

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