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April 18, 2014.

NOTE: If this week's numbers do not show up below, (DJIA closed at 16,408 as a check) please press the 'refresh' icon on your computer.

Economic Calendar

* Potential market movers.

  • Monday, April 21:
    • Fed's Nat. Bus. Indx 8:30am
    • Leading Econ Indic. 10 a.m.
    Tuesday, April 22:
    • FHFA Home Prices 9 am
    • *Existing Home Sales 10am
    • Richmnd Fed Mfg Indx 10
    Wednesday, April 23:
    • * PMI Mfg Indx 9:45 am
    • *New Home Sales 10am
    Thursday, April 24:
    • *Jobless claims 8:30am
    • *Durable Gds Ordrs8:30
    Friday, April 25:
    • *Cnsmr Sentiment 9:55

Timer Digest Rankings

1990: #2 Stock Market Timer in the U.S
1991: #2 Long Term Market Timer.
1992: #1 Gold Timer (Gold Timer of Year)
1992: #1 Gold Timer Two Year period.
1993: #1 Stock Mrkt Timer 3 Yr Period.
1994: #5 Gold Timer last 12 mo. May 16.
1998: #10 Stock Market Timer in U.S.
1999: #2 Bond Market Timer 12 mo. July.
1999: #4 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
1999: #3 Stock Market Timer 6 mo. Dec.
2000: #3 Stock Mrkt Timer last 6 mo. Jan.
2001: #3 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
2001: #7 Stock Market Timer for 2001.
2002: #3 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Mar.
2002: #3 Stock Market Timer 12 mos July

2003: #4 Stock Market Timer Aug.
2003: #1 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Sept.
2004: #2 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Feb.
2004: #9 Stock Market Timer 3 mo. May.
2004: #5 Bond Timer for 2004.
2005: #2 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Nov.
2006: #5 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Dec.
2008: #4 Stock Market Timer 6 mo. Sept.
2009: #9 Stock Market Timer 12 mo. Apr.
2010: #1 Gold Timer last 12 mo. Oct.
2011: #1 Bond Timer last 12 mo. Aug.
2011: #4 Long-Term Market-Timer. Dec.
2012: #1 Gold Timer (Gold Timer of Year).
2012: #2 Long-Term Market Timer.
2013: #1 Long-Term Market Timer. March.

Previous Corporate Hoarding Of Cash May Soon Become A Big Positive!

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Current Entry: Saturday, 12 noon. Provided every Tues., Thurs., and Saturday, and occasionally randomly in between. Postings of the technical condition of the market, investor sentiment, 'Interesting Charts', and Sy's opinions on the economy and markets, currently and looking ahead. Also available as an RSS feed!

There is More to the Economic Slowdown Than Just Weather.
April 17, 2014.
Hopes are currently the main prop under the market, particularly hope that although the winter's economic reports were seasonally adjusted, that the weather was so harsh that it had an unusual impact that accounted for the economy's problems. It's widely expected, or at least hoped, that economic reports for March and April will show a significant bounce-back that will confirm that assessment. So far, the picture is not all that reassuring.

The Market is Too Dependent on Hopes That Await Evidence.
April 11, 2014.
The market remained positive, near its December peak for three months primarily based on hopes. At this point it needs more than hopes. Meanwhile, too much talk of bubbles and crashes, both of which are extremely rare. A slower more normal bear market is more likely. in market's unfavorable season.

The Market's Annual Seasonality is a Real Concern This Year.
April 4, 2014.
The thought of Sell in May type seasonality is out of favor this year after it failed to outperform the market for two straight years. Here's why it could come roaring back big-time this year.

Why Mutual Funds Managers Cannot Protect Investors In Bear Markets.
March 28, 2014.
Many investors believe if they hold a managed mutual fund through a downturn, the fund�s manager will take steps to protect them from loss. Moreover, that if he does not, he is not doing his job. However, the facts are that if a fund manager is doing his job, he or she probably cannot do much to protect the fund against bear market losses. That is because fund managers are very limited in how far they can go in re-allocating assets even when they determine the market is at high risk of a substantial downturn.

Safe Havens Are Trouncing Stocks So Far This Year.
March 7, 2014.
Investors are reported to be still pulling money out of bonds and pouring it into stocks and stock mutual funds this year. But someone must be taking the other side, buying bonds and selling stocks, to an even greater extent. Because in spite of what investors are reported to be doing, stocks are going nowhere, while the safe havens of bonds, and particularly gold, are up for the year so far.


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