Schedule of Newsletter, Commentary, and Hotline updates!

Newsletter: 8 pages. Every three weeks. The goal is to have each issue completed and on the website by Wednesday evening of the week that it's due.  However, we are sometimes able to get it on the site Wednesday afternoon. Next issues due:  Jan 21, Feb 11, March 4, March 25, April 15.

Mid-Week Market Updates: 4 - 6 pages. A mid-week market update on both the short-term outlook and intermediate-term outlook every Wednesday, with signals, charts, and commentary. We aim at having them on by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, but put them on earlier if we have them completed. Occasionally the mid-week update may take longer and may not be posted until Wednesday evening. There is no Mid-Week Market Update in weeks in which the newsletter is provided on Wednesday, as the newsletter provides the market update that week.

Commentaries on  gold, bonds, global markets: 4 -5 pages. Updated less frequently, every few weeks. However any buy or sell signals or changes in holdings in any sector, gold, or bonds, are given immediately via an evening hotline update. 

Hotline updates: Every Wednesday evening at 8 P.M. eastern regardless of whether or not there are changes in signals or holdings.  Plus additional interim updates at any time, including during the trading day, if we have a signal change or recommended portfolio change, Plus sometimes in the evening at 8 p.m. if we think you may need some input due to the market's action or some unexpected event that day even if it didn't change our indicators or outlook (hand-holding?). But don't expect that every time the Dow moves 2% or whatever. When there's nothing to say or add, there's nothing to say.

We have an extra service, whereby for an additional $2 a month, or $24 a year, we will send you an e-mail alert any evening that we put a hotline update on the site. To add it to your subscription just call the office at 1-386-943-4081

NOTE: Although we've had surprisingly few glitches in the past, there will no doubt be times when due to technical difficulties, electrical outages, etc., we will not have hotlines on at exactly 8 P.M., or when we can't get updates onto the website on schedule. Heck, there may even be times when we're just tired or slow. 

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