Beat the Market the Easy Way!

  Beat the Market the Easy Way!

Surprising Seasonal Strategies that More Than Double the Market!

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Like Sy's 1999 book 'Riding the Bear - How to Prosper in the Coming Bear Market',  Beat the Market the Easy Way! provides more 'Truths about Wall Street', its misleading propaganda and deceptions, and being 'street smart' about how the playing field is tilted in favor of professionals - and how you can avoid the traps. 

It also provides new insights into additional market-beating seasonal patterns, including the introduction of The Presidential Cycle Strategy, which has tripled the performance of the Nasdaq over the long-term, and with 40% less market-risk.

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Beat the Market the Easy Way!

Table of Contents: PART 1 Essential Facts You Need to Know First

Chapter 1. On Competing With Professionals.
Chapter 2: Tips, Touts, and Chasing Performance.
Chapter 3: The Truth About Buy & Hold Investing.
Chapter 4. What Does Wall Street Do With Its Own Money?
Chapter 5: Warren Buffett, Market-Timer Extraordinaire.
Chapter 6: Market Risk - Sector Risk - Stock Risk.
Chapter 7: A Dangerous Myth - That Bear Markets Are Rare Events.
Chapter 8: Market-Timing.
Chapter 9: Chart Analysis.
Chapter 10: Investor Sentiment - Avoiding The Crowd.

PART 2 Now You Are Ready!

Chapter 11: The Market's Amazing Seasonal Patterns.
Chapter 12: The Monthly Seasonal Timing Strategy.
Chapter 13: The STS Annual Seasonal Timing Strategy.
Chapter 14: The Four-Year Presidential Cycle.
Chapter 15: Introducing Our Presidential Cycle Strategy.
Chapter 16: The Very Long-Term Market Patterns.


Readers' comments on

"As a broker I've read many market books - this book has the most stunning insights into seasonal market behavior and risk avoidance I have ever come across." Zealand).

"This is the one book to read for a sobering perspective on the forces driving markets. Any markets. On a par with Mackay's "Delusions of the Maddening Crowd" but up-to-date for current ones. The explanation on page 42 of the fallacy behind the bromide that the market is the unfailing come-back kid is all by itself worth a hundred times the cover price. Great insight." Southern California.

"This is a wonderful book. It is an easy read even for the beginning investor." A reader from Buffalo, NY.


"Sy Harding has just authored a great new book, Riding The Bear. It discusses the history of bear markets and makes a strong case for preparing for them in planning your investment strategy, offers tips on how to time them, and introduces profit-making bear market strategies." Investor's Digest.

"This is a must read for today's investors." The Bull & Bear Financial Report.

"Harding's Seasonal Timing System has a good record of telling investors when to get in and out of the market." Barron's

"I applied Harding's system generated for the Dow, to the S&P 500. The results were astounding!" Yale Hirsch's Smart Money 

 "Simple Market-Timing Indicator Records Sky-Rocketing Gains!" The Stock Trader's Almanac 

AUTHOR BIO: Sy Harding is the founder and president of Asset Management Research Corp., which has been providing stock market research to institutions and serious investors for 20 years. The firm currently publishes STREET SMART REPORT ONLINE, an independent economic and market research service. Mr. Harding also writes the weekly newspaper column Being Street Smart, and is frequently quoted in the financial media and on other financial websites.

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