Asset Management Research Corp. is now in it 24th year of providing market research to institutions, professionals and serious investors.

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Our research is made available as a financial website: 
The Street Smart Report Online

includes our research and analysis on the economy and markets, and provides charts and buy and sell signals on the major market indexes, sectors, bonds, gold, individual stocks and etf's, including short-sales and 'inverse' etf's.

It provides two model portfolios as guides. One is based on our Seasonal Timing Strategy, one on our Market-Timing Strategy

In depth updates are provided every Wednesday, with interim 'hotline' updates every time we make a trade. An 8-page traditional newsletter Street Smart Report is provided on the website every 3 weeks, in pdf format for viewing or printing out.

There is the Street Smart School of online technical analysis 'seminars', commentaries to keep you 'street smart' about Wall Street, and much more. Click on HOME to browse the site.

Our Strategies

All investors are market timers! - eventually! Even those who in bull markets believe themselves to be determined buy & hold investors. However, most will become market timers with the worst of timing by selling out in disgust (with large losses) at or near correction or bear market lows!

Our goal is to help you be street smart! You'll never buy low or sell high listening to Wall Street spokesmen, and the media that kowtows to them!

Let our research and market timing help you continue to make gains in bull markets, but also protect your assets and even make further gains from the downside in the corrections and bear markets (in which buy & hold investors will, due to the nature of their strategy, give back a good portion of previous gains and then need much of the next rally or bull market just to get back to even).

Two strategies: 

Our Seasonal Timing Strategy (STS). Click here for details.

Our non-seasonal Market-Timing Strategy (via technical analysis). Click here for details.

Recommendations are based on our best judgment and opinions but no warranty is given or implied as to their reliability. It is each reader's responsibility to decide which, if any, of our opinions or recommendations are suitable for their own individual situation, and in what manner to use the information. Past performance does not guarantee future performance or prevent losses.

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